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The foil tokens of Magic: the Gathering

Posted by Adam Foster on April 9th, 2019.

Foil Magic: the Gathering (MTG) cards are also known as premium cards, they are cards that have a glossy, foil finish to them. Foil cards are randomly inserted into booster packs, with approximately one foil in every six packs. As a result foil cards are rarer and much more valuable than non-foil cards.

However, it’s only common, uncommon, rare and mythic foil cards that are found in booster packs, Tokens cards are not... Foil tokens have only been printed as promotional cards and are mostly given away as prizes or promos for MTG pre-release events and Friday Night Magic (FNM).

To date, only 17 foil token cards have been officially printed by Wizards of the Coast. The first was a Angel token from Avacyn Restored printed on May 4th, 2012 and most recently a Treasure token from Ixalan printed in Sep 29th, 2017. Browse all of the foil tokens below.

All foil MTG Tokens: