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Stoneforged Blade

Artifact Equipment

Equipped creature gets +5/+5 and has double strike.

Set: Commander 2014

Illustrated by: Eric Deschamps

Source: Nahiri, the Lithomancer

Storm Crow

Creature Bird
1 / 2


Set: Unstable

Illustrated by: McLean Kendree

Source: Crow Storm

Sunscourge Champion

Creature Zombie Human Wizard
4 / 4

When Sunscourge Champion enters the battlefield, you gain life equal to its power.

Set: Hour of Devastation

Illustrated by: Josu Hernaiz

Source: Sunscourge Champion


Tah-Crop Skirmisher

Creature Zombie Naga Warrior
2 / 1

Set: Amonkhet

Illustrated by: Victor Adame Minguez

Source: Tah-Crop Skirmisher

Tamiyo Emblem

Emblem Tamiyo

You have no maximum hand size.
Whenever a card is put into your graveyard from anywhere, you may return it to your hand.

Set: Mythic Edition

Illustrated by: Lius Lasahido

Source: Tamiyo, the Moon Sage

Printed 2 times:
  • Mythic Edition

  • Avacyn Restored

Tamiyo, Field Researcher Emblem

Emblem Tamiyo

You may cast nonland cards from your hand without paying their mama costs.

Set: Eldritch Moon

Illustrated by: Tianhua X

Source: Tamiyo, Field Researcher

Teferi, Temporal Archmage Emblem

Emblem Teferi

You may activate loyalty abilities of planeswalkers you control on any player's turn any time you could cast an instant.

Set: Commander 2014

Illustrated by: Tyler Jacobson

Source: Teferi, Temporal Archmage

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria Emblem

Emblem Teferi

Whenever you draw a card, exile target permanent an opponent controls.

Set: Mythic Edition

Illustrated by: Yongjae Choi

Source: Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

Printed 2 times:
  • Mythic Edition

  • Dominaria

Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun

Creature Zombie Human Cleric
2 / 2

Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun is legendary.
At the beginning of combat on your turn, target creature token you control gets +1/+1 until end of turn and can't be blocked this turn.

Set: Amonkhet

Illustrated by: Anna Steinbauer

Source: Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun


Artifact Creature Tetravite
1 / 1

This creature can't be enchanted.


Illustrated by: Thomas M. Baxa

Source: Tetravus

Tezzeret the Schemer Emblem

Emblem Tezzeret

At the begining of combat on your turn, target artifact you control becomes an artifact creature with base power and toughness 5/5.

Set: Aether Revolt

Illustrated by: Ryan Alexander Lee

Source: Tezzeret the Schemer

Tezzeret, Artifice Master Emblem

Emblem Tezzeret

At the beginning of your end step, search your library for a permanent card, put it onto the batterfield, then shuffle your library.

Set: Core Set 2019

Illustrated by: Josh Hass

Source: Tezzeret, Artifice Master


Artifact Creature Thopter
1 / 1


Printed 12 times:
  • Ravnica Allegiance

  • Commander 2018

  • Commander 2018

  • Core Set 2019

  • Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors

  • Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors

  • Kaladesh

  • Kaladesh

  • Kaladesh

  • Magic Origins

  • Magic Origins

  • Mirrodin Besieged