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Lightning Ranger

Creature Elemental
5 / 1

Trample, Haste
At the beginning of the end step, sacrifice this creature.

Set: Commander Anthology Volume II

Illustrated by: Svetlin Velinov

Source: Rite of the Raging Storm

Printed 2 times:
  • Commander Anthology Volume II

  • Commander 2015

Liliana, Defiant Necromancer Emblem

Emblem Liliana

Whenever a creature dies, return it to the battlefield under your control at the beginning of the next end step.

Set: Magic Origins

Illustrated by: Karla Ortiz

Source: Liliana, Defiant Necromancer

Liliana of the Dark Realms Emblem

Emblem Liliana

Swamps you control have : Add to your mana pool.

Set: Magic 2014 Core Set

Illustrated by: D. Alexander Gregory

Source: Liliana of the Dark Realms

Printed 2 times:
  • Magic 2014 Core Set

  • Magic 2013

Liliana Emblem

Emblem Liliana

At the beginning of your end step, put X 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens onto the battlefield, where X is two plus the number of Zombies you control.

Set: Mythic Edition

Illustrated by: Kieran Yanner

Source: Liliana, the Last Hope

Printed 2 times:
  • Mythic Edition

  • Eldritch Moon


Creature Lizard
2 / 2

Set: Alara Reborn

Illustrated by: Anthony S. Waters

Source: Predatory Advantage


Creature Lizard
8 / 8

Set: Conspiracy: Take the Crown

Illustrated by: Filip Burburan

Source: Subterranean Tremors

Llanowar Elves

Creature Elf Druid
1 / 1

: Add to your mana pool.


Illustrated by: Kev Walker

Source: Llanowar Mentor



2 / 2

(You can cover a face-down manifested creature with this reminder card.
A manifested creature card can be turned face up any time for its mana cost. A face-down card can also be turned face up for its morph cost.)

Printed 3 times:
  • Commander 2019

  • Commander 2018

  • Fate Reforged

Marit Lage

Legendary Creature Avatar
20 / 20

Flying, Indestructible

Set: Modern Horizons

Illustrated by: Stephan Martiniere

Sources: Dark Depths, Marit Lage's Slumber

Printed 3 times:
  • Modern Horizons

  • Ultimate Masters

  • Coldsnap


Enchantment Aura

Enchant permanent
Totem armor

Set: Commander 2018

Illustrated by: Johannes Voss

Source: Estrid, the Masked


Creature Merfolk
1 / 1

Set: Zendikar

Illustrated by: Warren Mahy

Source: Lullmage Mentor

Metallic Sliver

Artifact Creature Sliver
1 / 1


Illustrated by: L.A. Williams

Source: Sliversmith


Creature Minion
1 / 1


Illustrated by: Ron Spencer

Source: Infernal Genesis